Manual sandbox, VLC, and Microsoft Virtual PC


I have been using lately the manual sandbox of Comodo. It works very well except in two programs.

In VLC 1.1.7, it works well, but when i use MP4, it takes almost 3 minutes for the film to begin (to VLC to open). If i open the same film again without deleting the contents of the sandbox it opens immediately, but if it is an other movie (MP4), it will take again 3 minutes. With AVI, MP3 it works with no problems.

With Microsoft Virtual PC (, i have the same problem but only again the first time i open the VM. If i once again do not delete the contents of the sandbox, it will open immediately the next time.

Can i do anything about this or is it just a bug?

I use CIS 5.3.176757.1236. Automatic sandbox “Blocked”
For the manual sandbox i use “always sandbox” with “partially limited”.


PS- Quicktime simply does not work (screenshot).

[attachment deleted by admin]

Can one of the moderators tell me if i should do a bug report. Or for this issue it is not necessary?
I really want to see the manual sandbox improved.


VLC: I guess it takes time because it has to rebuild font cache every time (since you delete it).

Thanks for the answer JoWa.

What about Virtual PC and quicktime? It is not necessary?


Sorry, I don’t know how Virtual PC works, but it probably creates some files first time you run it, and tries to use them again next time, but of course if you delete those files, it will have to create them again.

I don’t have QuickTime Player, and the error message you posted doesn’t help much. :wink: Does QT work if you disable virtualisation?

That was what i was thinking, just wanted a confirmation. Thanks.
Here is a link, that i get when i run Virtual PC with sandboxie. It is a very large file.

Yes, when i disable virtualization it does work. When it is on, the application of quicktime opens but i do not have sound or image.