Manual file scan appears to do nothing

If I right cick on a file and select “Scan with Comodo Antivirus” a window opens telling me 0 files have been scanned and 0 threats have been found. It always does this so I’m thinking that maybe something is preventing it from scanning. Any ideas please?

Hi. In Antivirus, Scanner settings, Manual scanning, tick Scan archive files. Hope this helps. Kind regards.
Edit- Also in manual scanner settings make sure the “do not scan files larger than” is set higher than what you are scanning.

The settings were all correct except for the “do not scan files larger than” which was set to the 20 MB default. Strangely, the file I was trying to scan was only 5.4 MB. Nevertheless, I upped that setting to 100 MB and then it worked.

Thanks for your help CS. Incidentally, is 100 MB too high in your opinion?

Glad it worked out for you. Depending on the type of file, CAV could expand it to scan it resulting in a larger size than it actually shows. Regarding the size default for the latest version is 40 MB, I have mine set at 50 MB.
The only possible side effect you could get from 100 MB setting is possibly slightly slower full scans if it happens to come across very large files. I personally don’t think you will notice any negative effects with this setting. Kind regards.

I figured it might tug on my resources with a 100 MB setting but my machine is pretty potent so it should take it in its stride.

Thanks once again for your rapid and helpful input CS. :slight_smile:

To 7 Leagues, glad to help and all the best to you.