Manual Database Updates?

Is it possible to manually download database updates for Comodo Anti-Virus?

Currently, the database updates can only be updated through the program itself.


Is it possible to preserve the database updates across a system re-install, by saving a downloaded
file somehow? My problem is that I have very limited bandwidth. I managed to get CIS updated
by running a marathon database update, and now that it’s updated the further updates are much
less painful (although I too feel that they are somewhat sluggish- just checking if the version is
current takes a minute or so). But I have discovered that I can no longer debug any programs
using the Gnu debugger (I use MinGW)! I find access violations in Guard32.dll whenever I try to
load a debug version of a program; this used to work just fine. So I must revert the system to a
saved version on which I know this works. Comodo is not installed on it, and as a check I will
install it after I get the debugger working and see if the conflict originated with Comodo as I
suspect it may have (will report back results if you’d like). But once I have the new system
reconfigured, I would like to avoid if possible another painful marathon download session. So is
there any way I can take the current database file, save it off disk (possibly with some registry
settings) and then dump it onto the new install (I have already saved the settings in prep for
the reinstall)?


Have a look at this thread,bases.cav is the main sig file

I`ve never tried this so am not sure what will happen.


Hi Matt,

I tested your solution over the weekend and it does indeed work, eventually.
I wiped the system to the clean state, installed Comodo, and then copied over
the files inside the scanners folder (as the linked post suggests). At first it
seemed like the system was toast- could not log in on restart; Windows would
freeze on any input (such as the login info). Not BSOD, but close enough.
This persisted over several reboot attempts, but suddenly freed itself. I saw
this before in Comodo, in a similar context: when I first installed the software,
it seemed to fight with something in the startup sequence, resulting in very
slow speeds after logging in. Showing/hiding the taskbar (I use autohide) took
an age and a half, as an example. Several reboots cured this as well. Was the
most recent (as of late March) CIS.

Once I managed to log in, I restored all my other settings (bug: I had defined
a ‘netbios’ port set; this was not restored). Unfortunately I cannot use the
IS package-- once I installed that, the Gnu debugger gdb stopped working
again (this problem persists even if I give gdb the same privileges as Windows
system apps). I was forced to uninstall again, and will re-install the firewall
only. :confused: bummer. For your debugging purposes- the segmentation fault
occurs even for the simplest programs. I installed and used the Code::Blocks
app with MinGW included. Email for more info.

Thanks for the info in any case! Hopefully sometime soon this bug will be
squashed, because CIS looks promising otherwise!