Manual/Auto Update Limited Account Vista

Since 4.27 has been released I was wondering why manual update did not work the file was download but nothing change.
After searching I realized the auto update was in the Virtual store the manual update went to the correct folder.
I presume this is because of UAC on Vista in a limited account.
The question I would like to ask Kevin or one of his team is this permanent or will it change in version 5.
Many Thanks

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Hey there,

if you’re encountering problems with UAC i sujest you take a look here.

For the development of BoClean 5, I don’t think anyone can answer as they don’t know themselfs yet ;D



No problems with UAC. :slight_smile:
It is what BOClean is doing with the update file Manual/Auto.
Thank you anyway.

Somehow the permissions on the ProgramData folder have gotten squirrely and BOClean lacks the permission to copy its update from the TEMP folder (where downloads go) to THAT folder. When BOClean is installed under Vista, there is SUPPOSED to be a set of permissions for a BOC427 subfolder unless somehow that too was blocked during the install. Seeing it going to a virtual store definitely indicates a permissions problem, or it would be copied to where it belongs. Somehow, the permissions for that folder got hosed within Vista itself … :frowning:

Thank you Kevin for explaining why it is happening.
I did get the manual update in the same place in the end which works it changes the date on the screen.
The only thing if it does a auto update after I have done a manual whilst I am still online it downloads the same file again.
The manual updates works which is the main thing I wanted as I leave my computer on for 3/4 days sometimes with brief times online.
Many Thanks

Glad that sorted it for you. As far as the automatics go though, that is its own little world and only tracks what it has done under the BOClean “philosophy” of “trust no one, not even yourself.” :slight_smile:

If the autoupdate didn’t occur and a manual one supplanted it for whatever reason, BOClean will not trust itself and will do it again anyway … just how it’s designed.

Thank you very much did not expect a reply I know you are very busy.
It is nice to know how the auto update works,I think like that it makes the update process more secure.
Best Wishes

Sorry after reading the thread again I realized that I had not posted what I did, so if you run Vista (With UAC Running) in a limited account and you have the same problem.
Go to the Admin account to change where the path were update files go, will not work in the limited account as prompt for Manual updates is from the Admin account requiring the Admin password.