Mandriva is really a lovely LINUX distro, still, when thinking about all those lovely free and creative progs that won’t run under LINUX (sad, indeed) until this very day…well, I won’t convert. (Even if not in love with Billy’s monster OS :slight_smile:


For the same reason I keep XP as a 2nd OS - at the moment I cannot do without Windows as - e.g. - my scanner, which I need a lot for my job, is not recognised. Otherwise Mandriva is superb.

I have Mandriva One 2008 installed with KDE 3.5. Now I’d like to upgrade to KDE 4 BUT there are so many packages with names containing KDE 4, some of which are already installed, that I don’t know which ones to choose. I’d really like to have KDE4 but don’t want to install unnecessary packages (just like the new look :wink: )
In case it is possible to help a daft old man, please do so. I’d.O.U.
Thanks in advance for all your help

Are you using the MandrivaUpdate tool ?
It should be able to select and install the needed packages for you …

Hey gordon,
I tried your advice but it didn’t work. However, the packages are already available in “install and remove software” but I don’t know which ones to install. There are so many libraries, games, etc. I’m a total novice to Linux so I don’t know what to choose. As I only have a relatively small HD, I don’t want to install everything with KDE4 in its name. What’s more, if I tried and fail, I wouldn’t know what I installed and what’s already been there.
Thanks for your help and please keep the advice coming and stay patient with a less than a novice Mandriva user.

What is Mandriva like to run Grampa,I’ve not tried that out up to now? I’ve tried a few Linux distros such as Ubuntu and Dreamlinux and enjoyed them thoroughly.It’s a shame that they aren’t yet at a stage where a complete switch from Micro$oft is an option.There is one other alternative that I’m keeping an eye on called ReactOS,they’re working on an OS that’ll natively support running a wide range of Windows software on.

I’m having a huge problem with my Mandriva 2008 One. Let me explain:
I downloaded the ISO for M.O. Live and then installed it. Everything worked fine, I could update whatever I wanted and the sun was shining. In my attempt to install KDE 4 I somehow managed to mess everything up (not extremely but still enough to make me reinstall Mandriva as I like clean and lean systems). However, this time Mandriva won’t install any packages anymore - download starts but then quickly dies down (dl speed = 0). As there is also a paid for version (mine is free), I thought maybe I don’t have the right to do so (as rpm always gets locked) BUT why did it work when I installed it the first time?
Can anyone please help me - further information will be gladly provided if my knowledge permits.

seem like I may have found the problem: the downloadservers were apparently down or too busy. Couldn’t believe it as I have tried to dl at almost any time (day and night). However, I found a french server - which was recommended on Mandrivia forum - and now it seems to work (still downloading…fingers crossed). I’ll keep you posted.

Everything’s working just fine. New server = new luck.
Only drawback with Mandriva so far: No Comodo :cry:
grampa :■■■■

I know I could ask in a Mandriva forum but I like it here and there are so many savvy people that I always post here first, no matter what the problem might be!
My problem:
I have an ATI Mobility Radeon X700 graphic card, which is not recognised by Mandriva. Instead, Mandriva uses another ATI card which only supports up to 24bit. I found a driver on the ATI homepage but it’s a .run file and I don’t know how to install it. What’s more, how would I uninstall it if it didn’t work? I only know about packages.
Any help would be most welcome.

Hey Andyman,
Mandriva runs like a charm. Recognises all my hardware apart from my scanner (Canon Lide 70, which I cannot get to run) and my graphic card (ATI Mobility Radeon x700 - but it recognises another ATI card so no real problems but instead of 32 bit only 24 (pity). Otherwise it’s great. You should give it a spin - you won’t be disappointed.

Hey grampa, I hope I didn’t make a mess of your posts, but it’s my duty to keep the boards clean. (:m*) :wink:


No problem mate. I’m happy you did it.

Cheers Grampa I’ll download that and stick it next on the list for a Virtualbox run. :■■■■

Yes, I admit, it was my fault :cry: Can I still be your mate…please? ;D
However, you’re right, you really messed up this one ;D ;D ;D
I wonder if I’ll ever get answers to my questions now. Everyone will be a bit confused when reading this threat :smiley:
That’s why I summarise my questions in keywords once more:
[b]- install .run files

  • install driver for ATI Mobility Radeon x700
  • install Canon Lide 70 scanner (couldn’t find a driver - workaround?)[/b]

You even confused me by doing this. :o
On the other hand I’m not surprised, no other mod confuses me like you do. ;D

This was a good idea. It should increase your chances of getting answers! Maybe you should even make those questions with bold font. :-La


Thanks, great idea. Done!


Linux does not support 32 bit graphics
, whatever your card is, and whatever the drivers in use are, it will always be 24 bit..

Now for KDE 4 in Mandriva, it is installable from a repository for additional software called “cooker”, where everything like third party or experimental software or community software is. You will have to find the address, but I think you can simply add it from the Mandriva interface (somewhere where software install is done).

For ATI drivers: ATI is a nightmare in Linux :SMLR. You should find the latest (7.11 or 8.1) in your repos. In all cases, you will have to go through the threads in Mandriva forum to find out exactly how ATI driver installation must be done in Mandriva. You will most likely have, after installing, and before rebooting, to modify a file called xorg.conf (under /etc/X11).Also something must be done in a terminal with ATI config.

That said, I’m on PCLinuxOS, I got an ATI card as well, but I don’t use the repositories drivers. PCLinuxOS is the only distro, that I know, where the automated installer from ATI web site works directly (some tuning is still needed). This is not possible on Mandriva, although PCLinuxOS and Mandriva are almost the same distro.

Hey Leopard,
thank you so much for filling me in on the mysteries of Linux - now I’m a lot smarter. As I have no graphical problems whatsoever (apart from the 24bit issue, which I now know cannot be solved) I won’t have to do anything about it.
As for KDE 4, is it not yet an official release? Maybe I should wait then until it’ll be final.
Thank you all for your ongoing support.

BTW.: I just checked cooker but there are like 1000,000 kde4 packages. How do I find out which ones are compulsory and which ones are not really needed?
Please help!

OK KDE 4.0 has been released, and it’s the final. BUT: most functionalities are not implemented yet, it still is a very simple interface, with not much to do with. :SMLR Only reason it’s already there and not called a beta anymore is that the API is ready, not at beta stage anymore; so it has been released to allow programmers to start working and developing “as early as possible” on their applications for KDE4. You can read this blog for more details (written by the guy in charge at KDE):

So for the reasons I just explained, the release of this so called “final” version has been much criticized. KDE 4 cannot yet fully replace KDE 3.5. That’s why in the distros that already made it available to their users, KDE 4 does NOT upgrade KDE 3.5 (OpenSuse, Mandriva, Kubuntu). It is installed in parallel and offer a separate session you can login to from the KDE login screen.

As for how exactly to install KDE4 in Mandriva, I haven’t tried it. In OpenSuse it’s a one click install from Suse web site, and Kubuntu has a separate repository for that. Again, you will have to go through the Mandriva sites and forum to find out. I’ll have a look if you want and tell you a bit later what I found. Only thing I’m sure is that it is in “cooker”, and there should be one package task including everything.

adding: you honestly don’t need KDE 4 right now, the “real” final will be out in July this year (4.1).

OK check that link:

and look at the bottom of this page (Testing KDE4):

you can check this thread as well:
(the guy called Adam Williamson is the lead dev at Mandriva)

hey grampa, to find your way out in Linux you will have to fight hard :SMLR go through forums, try things that won’t work because you’ll sometimes find one hundred different ways to resolve an issue, with each other user telling you: “that’s how it worked for me”. No kidding, Linux is not Windows, it’s being updated all the time, and not “just” for security issues (that it doesn’t have actually :SMLR). Sometimes you’ll be advised to stick to old graphic drivers, because the new version just doesn’t work for you, or works bad, although ATI or NVidia said that your card was supported. Linux is experimental, that’s a fact, whatever you hear here and there in the distro forums. I was on a Linux only system during a few months, and decided to reinstall Windows and dual-boot, because Linux is, imo, not a finish product. But it’s a necessary alternative to MS monopoly.