"Managing" Trusted / Blocked Files

I can see which files are “trusted” and how these can be converted to blocked or unrecognized. But how / where can I see a list of blocked or unrecognized files and, if I want to, reverse the process? Or just restore a file to the default (without any particular attribute)?

How does a file become unrecognized (so what?!) and what is the meaning of “submitted”? Is this some kind of limbo?

To see your unrecognized files, go to Defense+ → Unrecognized files. From here you can trust files, do an online lookup, and if they haven’t already been submitted, submit them.

Blocked files are in Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Blocked Files. If you want to undo a block, just select the file and Remove it.

An unrecognized file is a file that Comodo doesn’t have in it’s database. Previously recognized files can become unrecognized if they have changed in some way. Installers and Updaters often increment themselves in some way, which can cause Comodo to no longer recognize them as the file has changed.

Submitting is indeed some kind of limbo. By submitting a file, you have sent it to Comodo for them to check out. If the file is safe, the file on your unrecognized list will automatically be moved to your trusted files list. If the file is unsafe, it will be added to Comodo’s blacklist. So yes, the file is in limbo until Comodo checks it out. Sometimes this process can take upwards of a week or more. If you would like to speed up the process, you can submit the file in this forum thread.

Submit Applications you want to be made trusted here.

These submissions are viewed as a priority, so they will be checked out more quickly.

Tks 4 quick response. Seems that submitting can take a long time: Spybot Search & Destroy\Spybot.exe (which I believe I can recognize) has been submitted since 31 Oct.
\microsoft office\office11\winword.exe and \total uninstall 5\tu.exe (an uninstaller which I tried to download) are both unrecognized and presumably will remain so until and unless I do something.