Managing rules by domain not available with LSWS 5.2


We’re running CloudLinux 7 with cPanel 66, LiteSpeed Web Server 5.2.1 and CWAF plugin version 2.21

When trying to disable a rule for a specific domain, the dropdown list is disabled and shows this message:

Sorry, managing rules by domain not available. 'ctl:ruleRemoveByID' mod_security directive is not supported by LiteSpeed version less than 5.1.13.

Once again, we’re running LiteSpeed Web Server 5.2.1

Thank you.


please try to use /var/cpanel/cwaf/scripts/
It’s command line interface to manage rules.

Alright, but will it work through the WHM interface soon?

We know about this issue and sent information to developers team. But we cannot promise when this issue will be resolved.