Managing Multiple computers...ESM v2 has just arrived..must use..

Hi Everyone

Endpoint Security Manager v2 is just released. If you have multiple computers this is a MUST HAVE tool. Its free upto 3 computers;msg571605#msg571605

Please let us know what you think about this amazing product.


question, lets say I want to use it to manage my parents computer and my brothers computer and they are on totally different networks can I do that?

Glen will answer it.

but you would love Live PC support v4 (out in March) for managing friends and family computers…:slight_smile:

isnt Live PC support like Geekbudy? or is this new version going to change? i to would like something to manage friends/family computers. ESM looks like a great product but it didnt do exactly what i wanted.

Yes, you can. The new ESM 2.0 includes two policy modes – local policy and internet policy. All you need to do is make the ESM server accessible via an internet address. We wrote up a how-to on this: Comodo Help

–Glen Marianko
Product Manager

thanks glen, I only for see one problem, if my ip address changes like it normally does on home networks then the people I am managing will not work anymore because I am at a different address right?

I think a solution would be that I can setup policy in the comodo cloud and once per dayv( or what ever I choose) each local client pings the cloud for updates to the policy. That way I can manage without worrying about my ip address changing.

Why dont you try DYN.COM?
You get one or two free hostnames so you can set up that, instead of an IP.

I have tested it with CESM 2.0 in previous BETA, and it worked fine.

I find it very amusing that while Comodo is trying to break into the lucrative enterprise security market, it provides no mechanism to access older versions of its product.
The v6 product is not ready for prime time, but where can the solid, thoroughly vetted, v5.12 be found?
On a Comodo domain?
No… you need to go somewhere like… FileHippo.
LOL, you guys are kidding, right?

Hi axl,
I have previously made a wish for that very idea, maybe Comodo have decided that the previous versions do not carry the same level of protection as the current release. :slight_smile:

Greetings, Captainsticks.
v6 maybe easier to use and the AV portion maybe improved, but I see nothing to indicate that the firewall and HIPS parts of v6 provide superior protection compared to v5.12 for the advanced user.
Regardless, companies like Symantec and McAfee provide access to older versions of their products.

Hi axl,
I agree totally that they should be available, here is my wish in case you could not find it. :slight_smile: