Managing Downloads

I have been using CIS without the AV. Today I uninstalled my old AV and installed Comodo AV. No problems.
I am running XP/SP3, Firefox 3.0.4 and an extension called Download Statusbar. This extension can be made to kickoff an AV scan of a downloaded file. With the new AV I am not sure what EXE file to use to kickoff so I can scan a file automatically after the download is complete. I used cavscan.exe. Or - do I even need to do this as the AV program will do it automatically once I access the file?


cmdagent.exe is the core executable of CIS (it does the real-time scanning, monitoring, etc). It scans everything that gets written to the harddrive or in memory. So it will scan the file when it’s DLed.

Automagically, right?
Meaning I don’t have to explicitly set it up in the Download Status extension?


BTW - is the cat that is jumping on the kid - is it just playing?

Yes, everything gets scanned. That’s why CIS doesn’t have any extra email scanners and such…it all eventually gets written to the harddrive or in memory…which is scanned. :slight_smile:

I have no idea, but it’s funny. :slight_smile: