Managing backups [RESOLVED]

I’m using Comodo Backup version 2.2.127 and am backing up daily to an external USB drive. How can I delete old backups? The History tab lists all my backups from day one but choosing an old backup and clicking on the remove button only seems to remove it from the list, not delete the backup. After removing an old backup from the list, my backup file does not decrease in size. Is there a way to manage backups? My backup file is over 40gig and growing. I need to reclaim disk space on the external drive. Thanks.

The best way to do this is to add a revisions macro to the backup job.

If you set the maximum number of revisions to 5, it will create separate files for each backup, appended with a revision number. When the sixth backup job is run, it will overwrite the first backup job. The seventh will overwrite the second one, the eighth will overwrite the third etc.etc. You should end up with 5 separate backup files on the external drive.

I believe your current backup task is set to append each backup job to the end of a single large file. Deleting the history event for a backup job does not affect the contents of the backup file. It only removes the entry in the backup log.

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That helps. Just a suggestion: you might want to make it a bit clearer in the help manual. It’s buried quite deep and doesn’t really explain what it does. Thanks.

Good point. I might write a couple of task based tutorials based on “How do I do a XYZ backup?”.

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An additional question: some backup programs don’t like for you to delete backup files unless you do it within the applications. It screws up their history logs. Can I go to the destination drive and delete an old backup that’s no longer needed or is there a proper way to do it within the application? Thanks.

Just delete it, it will be fine.

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