Manage Network

What is Manage Networks? Whether Trusted selected or Blocked selected internet works. By default Trusted was selected. Which one should I select?

I think this is about seeing the topology of your networks zones (they might have a tree structure?) and being able to shut off part of the whole topology.

Internet is public, so is untrusted and operates under whatever (global or app) rules are set which do not refer to internal network zones. By default all outbound internet access is allowed unless you use proactive config or remove the global allow rule.

Choosing to block a specific network on the diagram would block access to any devices in that address range. These are normally internal networks, eg your home network, or VPNs. So to stop your home machines talking temporarily you could block your home network.

To block your PC from internet and all other networks with one click, choose the other task Block Network Access

Think that’s right. The network guys please correct if not.

Best wishes