Manage network screens not showing correct situation

Hi, i unninstaling and reinstalled my C.I.S. and nothing change about this. Why?
How my firewall will work if showed like disconnected network?
I maked option without dns comodo this time.
Thanks for help me.

Does your computer connect to the local network and internet?

Yes! my computer connected with internet. But my pc dont show me the modem.
I already call technical support of ISP but is worst than possible.
Thanks for your attention. Do you have suggestion?
Maybe i need advanced configurations comodo firewall?
Detail: i are using only not admin user accounts for internet. but i think is not matter.
I am the admin and could use this password if needed anyway.
My ip behavior like not variable, but this isn’t my option. Unvoluntary behavior.

This image show another unvoluntary behavior. I trying change but unsuccessfully ever.
My pc connection like corporative, not domestic. Why?
I have no doubt that comodo CIS is the best option despite many others offering protection.

As an option.
Try reinstalling the drivers for the network adapter.
If show that works, but … maybe the problem.
This was.

What type of internet connection are you on? How do you connect to your modem/router? Does the modem you are using have a router integrated or is there a router present in your network?

Can you post a screenshot of Network Connections?

I see you are connecting directly to your modem with no router present.

What type of connection are you on? DSL? Cable? What protocol is being used by your connection?

Could you show a screenshot of your Network Connections?

Hello mr. EricJH,
I have an NET cable connection using an Modem.
My NIC connected with modem but i cant find it on my Painel Control.
On really i dont understand why it don’t display on my Manager of devices.
I am trying change manually configuration for an like Domestic group but i can not do it.
Ever back to corporative group if look in the ID Net.
I had create an sub-group, my pc and the internal accounts: admin default, admin, Invited. Local services, certified also at same group.
Perhaps i forgeting of some that is added also but i am not remember at this time.
The invited account is only that i are using for everything, include internet services.

I already do this way but the firewall comodo still display like unconnected.
I believe that is my mistake configuration subnet…
because i created an subgroup for my pc and internal accounts.
Could be it the reason of that image of firewall like not connected?

My NIC connected with modem but i cant find it on my Painel Control. On really i dont understand why it don't display on my Manager of devices.
The Device Manager displays the network adapter. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- You do not use the DNS of your Internet Service Provider? Sent to you PM.

sorry, i said wrong. my Device Manager display de network adapter but the Control Painel dont show modem.


I face the same situation here, with CIS 6.2.282872.2847, on WIN 8 PRO 64b (fully updated) and with proper network driver installed.

My adapter is connected via Ethernet to “BaudTec (TW263R4-A0) ADSL2+ modem/rooter”.

I don’t use either Win & Rooter DHCP, configuring IP manually.

There is no initial connection prompt (Home, Public etc.)

Only when I have Win DHCP enabled but Rooter DHCP disabled (means unidentified net, no connection) I can see my PC connected (in CIS “Manage Networks” window) to a random IP network (with connection prompt).

Having Rooter DHCP enabled and when my adapter takes an IP from rooter I can see my PC, again, disconnected (in CIS “Manage Networks” window).

Kindly see attachments.


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