'Manage My Configurations' doesn't ask to obtain administrator's privileges v3.8

Operating system: Windows 7 b7000 32bit
Other security software: None
CIS version: 3.8.64263.468

Antivirus security level: Enabled
Firewall security level: Custom Policy Mode
Defense+ security level: Safe Mode

Can’t manage configuration on limited account because ‘Manage My Configurations’ doesn’t ask to obtain administrator’s privileges. The workaround is to kill cfp.exe process and run it as administrator. The situattion is different when I run ‘Diagnostics’ (cfpconfig.exe), there is no problem. IMHO it should be changed for ‘Manage My Configurations’.

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This has never worked and I have reported this as a bug twice before over the last year. I guess it is low priority but it should be very easy to fix.