Manage Configuration question

Saw this one posted in a different forum concering COMODO Internet Security 5.3.174622.1216, it says:

“…Q - I dont want to wait for updates. Do you recommend me to uninstall CIS 5.0 and install CIS 5.3 if I have my own security configurations with a lot of changes to the defaults?
A - No. It is better to wait for updates if you want to keep your existing settings. Although importing your previous security configuration might keep your existing settings, you might miss new modifications to the default policies. Are there big security risks if i do so though? No.”

Hmmm…I seem to remember installing over the existing version but it made me uninstall it first from where I imported my previous exported setting and made it active.

I see that my previous settings where not the same.

Should CIS behave that way? I mean, I have set it to CleanPC for Defense+, disabled sandbox / SafePC in Firewall, but when I imported my previous saved/exported config and activated it…the settings reverted to I think CIS default. Eeven the Trusted Files where not there…

Or am I doing it wrong? Saving/exporting and then importing>activating…?

If so can you teach me the best way… ???

Any comment on this please…thanks! :slight_smile: