Manage Block/Allow list

When I click on the manage Button the list of software begins to list then the whole list disappears before I can read it or make any changes. How do I fix this. I need to change some of the settings for some of the programs I run because either the CAV or CFW is affecting how my softwware starts/run or even if it starts at all. Can you help?

I am also in this position.

Anybody onto this? And is anybody from Comodo aware this is happening? 3 days and no comment!!!




This has just started happening for me this morning. I would like to know as well if anyone knows a fix for it or if it should be put in the bug list. I have v- update version.



I had this issue too along with running error’s as it wouldn’t allow any of my Normal programs to run, AND I couldn’t manage the list for the same reason as yourselves. That would be a great thing to find an answer to…I only say used to as I have had to change AV solutions until Comodo fixes that particular extension of its products…It Works on one machine well, and not on the other…Very wierd. Uninstal and Reinstal didn’t even help, not even when I cleaned the registry and installed in safe mode…anyway, hope there’s help.

I also had this problem and I have signalled it in Corner BETA CAVS:

I think that this problem is known from staff and perhaps the staff of CAVS is pledged for the new CAVS 3, rather that to resolve it in CAVS 2.

However, I would receive a confirmation from them.

It is definately known to them as I personally have a ticket open that they keep closing with no real help other than to reinstall it in a clean boot, or safe mode, HOPEFULLY they are focusing on the new product of CAVS3 rather than fixing this one, but really, if you cant fix it now, how will they fix it in 3, other than to redesign HIPS, and that would defeat the purpose of a beta test. Anyway, we’ll see. If there are any Admin’s or Support, Development team or anyone else who “Knows” and can confirm…We are all waiting both patiently and anxiously…I look forward to the fixes as I love the idea of HIPS. Save on multiple resources to watch our outbound and running apps. I Love Comodo’s products and would be more than happy to give CAVS another shot. It works on 1 system beautifully…

When I first installed CAV, I could open and edit the Manage Allow/Block window. Now, it opens and closes after a few seconds.

I to, am having the same exact problem with HIPS. Like Nag, I was able to manage them at first, and now it opens & closes so fast, Im unable to do anything in there. >:(