Hi guys,
I’m running mb with cis and everytime I run mb on startup it doesn’t load and my pc freezes up, so could cis be blocking it? How could I allow mb in cis to test it?

Is this the free or paid version of MalwareBytes?


It’s best to exclude Comodo files from Malwarebytes scanning and Malwarebytes from Comodo’s scan.

There could be a conflict there.

I am assuming that you’re using CIS. Are you or are you using Comodo Firewall?

Either way it’s a good idea to exclude Comodo from Malwarebytes scan.

cis…but how do I keep cis from blocking mb? add to trusted files maybe?

Add the Malwarebytes files to Comodo’s AV exclusion list. This can be found under Antivirus => Scanner Settings => Exclusions.

You can then do the same in Malwarebytes settings to exclude Comodo’s folders.

Please do this and see if this fixes the problem.


Can you check the AV logs (View Antivirus Events) and Defense + logs (View Defense + Events) and see where MBAM gets blocked? Can you post screenshots of both logs?

I finally resolved this…the latest version must be buggy because I un-installed it and installed a older version and everything is fine.
Thanks for the help