Malwarebytes showing cssdll32.dll as Trogan.Agent

Helllo all,

Can anyone who is running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware please do a quick scan on there system to see if the file "X:\WINDOWS\system32\cssdll32.dll is getting flaged as Trogan.Agent.

Having just done one it is being flaged and looking at the file in system32 it comes up as Comodo Safe Surf–>size 243KB and is digitally signed by Comodo.
Pretty sure it`s a fp but just wanted a second scan to confirm before i report it at there forum.


ps Wonder if this file is now safe to remove if not using Safe-Surf as cmf is now built in(any thoughts)

Hello :wink:

I’ve already reported it to Malwarebytes here:

Thanks SS :-TU I can put me teeth back in now ;D

It looks that they’re gonna fix this FP in the next update.

If your missing a dll file go here, this site has alot of dll files to download from

hopefully, you can find all your missing files