Malwarebytes realtime shield compatible?

Hi. As the title suggests is malwarebytes realtime with AV such as Nod32 or Avira? Just wondering if two realtime shields are a good idea as one is AV the other anti malware.

That’s not a good idea.

Ok so the two shields will clash over malware detection yes? What about the ip protection any use?


What about the ip protection any use?

A clash with the other protections too.

ex)If you put an IP in your IE block list and CIS block list at the same time,
CIS blocks that IP first.

Well perhaps sas realtime could be used instead! Spywareterminator has no serious conflicts with nod I think! Boclean worked too but sadly discontinued in stand alone form. Just wondering what could compliment an AV?

MBAM should be fine with other malware utilities.

There should be no problem running MBAM alongside a traditional AV,given that it specifically claims to target the malware that the main AVs miss.

I ran an old pc security test with both shields enabled 55% score. Then I tested with with one shield again 55%. Just goes to show CIS is the way to secure your system. When you download a program then you rely on AV/AM in case you make a mistake! IE You got the front door left it unlocked & forgot to set your alarm! Now where’s the scary guard dog when you need it? Sounding Melihish this post

Just for clarification, MBAM tries to stop\block actual malware - Not POCS.

What MBAM’s realtime shield is meant to do is to stop the infection in the first place, E.g; Black list known malware hosting sites or attack vectors…

If the realtime shield misses something, MBAM’s on demand may very well pick it up.

So is the realtime scanner any use if you an AV?

Thats up to you to decide. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT:: Same some $$$, Use the free version for on demand scans.