Malwarebytes free vs Iobit security 360 free

I would like to know whether malwarebytes free is superior than Iobit security 360 free, anyone can answer me? Iobit security 360 free looks quite awesome

I’ve never used Iobit security 360 free, but I believe there was some scuttlebutt a while ago that Iobit was stealing Malwarebytes’ database.

Malwarebytes felt that something was fishy, so they created some fake .exe’s and made bogus detection names in their database for these applications. Sure enough, these definitions with the same names popped up in Iobits’ database. Since these applications never left Malwarebytes and never made it to the wild, it’s pretty convincing evidence, although Iobit has denied it.

Here is an article.
IObit accused of stealing from Malwarebytes - Computerworld Blogs

Thanks…Malwarebytes seems like very weak in preventing people of stealing their database if the news was true.

The news are true.
Iobit is a thieve company.
I won’t start blaming MBAM at the first glance. Reverse engineering and piracy are always a possibility.

if Iobit is a thieve company how come that cnet gives then hight scores. Should iobit be ranked as malware or so.

I have seen some where else same product as iobit’s security 360 but with another name and same symbol but green or something like that. Can it be that iobit is stealing other companies software?


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Yes, it is.
Like TuneUp Utilities…