Malwarebytes detects malware in Comodo quarantine

I was playing a bit in my virtual machine , to see how Comodo did.

And it did well , but after that i scanned with Malwarebytes , and it said it found all kinds of Malware in the quarantine folder of Comodo.

See screenshot below ,

Whats the dealio ?

not a big deal those all malwares are in good place :wink:
but if you think those are threat to your system then simply delete them from comodo’s antivirus UI :-TU

true , but why does allot of malwarescanners find it , Malwarebytes also finds malware in quarantine of CCE.

quarantine leak ?

umm not think so i also scanned once my systen with MB and it found some threats in quarantine . so i think its normal :wink: nothing to worry .

Add the Comodo quarantine folder to the Exclusions of MBAM. There is no need for the quarantine folder to be scanned.