Malwarebytes Antimalware refuses to be tested by the Malware Research Group !

They refuse to be tested and call their test a fake one. They do not want to compete against other antivirusses even when they’re an antimalware themselves.

Read more about it over here :
MRG Team performes their first Real Time test! | Page 3 | Wilders Security Forums


MBAM proves over and over again that they are excellent in real world situations of removal.
I’m not fussed at all that they don’t want to participate…

still I don’t really understand. MBAM is simply the greatest tool against rogues, and now it doesn’t want to be tested in a part it would certainly win ?


They have an excellent specialist program which excels in certain types of infections, but a general test would inevitably show them to have a poorer detection rate than say Superantispyware which covers all types of malware.

We recommend that people with infections run both those programs don’t we? So do most HJT helpers.

I think it is entirely reasonable that they are not interested in entering a competition which would not reflect the strengths of their product. Rather like Comodo is not interested yet in antivirus only tests which ignore the real power of CIS.

Exactly!! When AMTSO compliant tests are used (where the baseline is a clean system rather than a deliberately infected one), the real strength of apps that are designed to prevent, as well as detect, will be apparent.

Ewen :slight_smile: