could you please download this malware or not.

Thanks in advance

What do you mean by download or not?

If I click on it I am able to downlaod & save it.


Hello Valentin N,

The sample you have provided is safe.

Best regards,

Thanks florin :slight_smile:

@naren: Avast once said it was a malware

Ok. I just checked if I can download & save it & it was downloading so then I cancelled it as the filesize was huge. Running CIS here.


Valentin N

Just a reminder, please do not post direct download links to something that you believe might be harmful on the open forums and especially do not encourage others to download it. Thanks.

Sorry about that. will replace the tt with xxx

No need in this case, but thanks for the offer. :slight_smile:

PS You’re welcome to encourage FlorinG to download all sorts of bad stuff however. ;D