In the past month I received 2 different messages:

Unclassified Malware@8163051 and Unclassified Malware@8386043 is this considered a False positive. I use Windows XP Pro?

If not, anyone know what is might be?

Please Advise,


Welcome. :slight_smile:
‘‘Unclassified malware’’ can definitely be real and dangerous malware. You usually see alerts like “Win32: Trojan”, etc.). ‘‘Unclassified malware’’ is just malware that COMODO didn’t give a name to because it doesn’t matter what the name is, it’s still malware.

If you suspect those alerts are false positives you can Submit via Email to COMODO.

If you are positive it is a false positive (e.g. everyday application) you can post the name of the file and a link to the product’s site.