Malware (TrojWare.JS.FakeAlert.MD[at]432209066 )

i was about to look a stream from and after some time there are AD popups in a new tab. Usually i just close them, but the last popup was a fake alert maleware (TrojWare.JS.FakeAlert.MD[at]432209066). What should i do now its in quarantine.

I am a little bit confused. Is your computer affected by malware?

Yeah, comodo put the maleware in to the quarantine (TrojWare.JS.FakeAlert.MD[at]432209066). I used Comodo cleaning essentials to clean it, but i dont know if that worked. Comodo says that theres no threat, but the logs of the maleware are still in the locked applications.

Hmm, I’d say read this info on malware before assuming that everything is gone from your computer :wink: