Malware Testing

I can download & save malware on my production machine & test them manually i.e right click scan. Its safe right?


On a spare machine - yes.

On a virtual machine - yes.

On your production machine - categorically NO!!!

Edit : MetalShauns reply is far more correct than mine - simply saving the malware samples to the hard drive of your production machine is an inert action. Right click scanning is similarly a safe action.

I made the mistake of assuming you were running them on your production system, rather than just saving them.

You can keep samples on your production machine in a folder and use Comodo right click scan. But i would not go visiting malware site on my real system in case of exploits and drive by’s etc. What i do is i use virtual machine to download samples collect them up in a folder then copy the folder across to my real machine and zip it up.