Malware Test-results

good job Comodo Team:)

P.S Dr.Web weaker than ClamAV?

sweet, mcafee just got spanked >:-D Nod32 is next and comodo’s heuristic isn’t even out yet and comodo’s still working on there family signatures

maybe mcafee should stand for


Was this test dynamic? if it was not, then I do not care much about it. What I’m looking for is dynamic testing. Nonetheless, it is still a good showing for Comodo.

Peace. :slight_smile:

Clam AV has been greatly underestimated; actually it is quite a good product. I use it from time to time for on-demand scanning.

Peace. :slight_smile:

khm…, this is quoted part from testing methodology:

5. All of the programs in the test are being updated with the latest databases at the same time. When the updating procedure is finished and the successful program updates have been verified, [b]internet is disconnected[/b].

…so McAfee wasn’t able to check their (“artemis”) in the cloud detection while testing, that is why score is lower than expected

This was from May the 23rd ???

They should be doing a suite test pretty soon.


Their test base was a little small and it seems as though every software tested was the same…97.1,98.3,97.4 etc…i am sure if they tested false positives that would give us a better understanding of the function of that software as i know for a fact that A-squared is one of the worse programs for false positives and Comodo is not far behind (sorry just my opinion). :-\

When I go to the link, a screenshot of all I that see is attached. This is supposed to be the test results for Project #19. Comodo Internet Security isn’t mentioned and I only see 5 programs listed of the 19 programs that were tested:

  1. a-squared Anti-Malware
  2. avast! Professional Edition 4.8.1335
  3. AVG Anti-Virus 8.0.234
  4. Avira AntiVir Premium
  5. BitDefender AntiVirus
    I don’t see any test results and no link to them from this page. The page that has all 19 programs listed is also attached. That screenshot shows the link to the first page (the Malware Test link contained in the statement below the 19 programs listed) that is supposed to contain the test results, but doesn’t. What am I missing here?

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