Malware submissions

I have recently been uploading known malware sample not caught by the Comodo AV but double checked from websites like using the using the Web-Interface for Malware and False-Positive Submissions link provided by Umesh. In the past after I provided the malware sample with my email address I would receive a confirmation regarding the same and if/what Virus Database update the new sig would be in. Within the past two months however I haven’t seen this same procedure repeated. Have you guys stopped responding with confirmations? I know the samples (some at least) are being added do to CAV picking them up with a manual scan a few days later. Also, on average can you say how long it takes for an uploaded sample to get back to the end user?

I don’t want to sound all bleh about it, I just liked the feedback I got when submitting the samples. Any case, hope all goes well and can’t wait to hearing from you.

As of right now you will only receive an email when you report a False Positive.

Got to say that I agree with you that it’s very helpful to get an email telling you the results of the analysis. Hopefully they will implement this soon. After all they’ve been saying they will for a while now.

On a plus note I submitted around 8 nasties on Wednesday and they were added sometime today. Go Comodo!