Malware submission address

Sorry for a repetitive question, seems I have been using the wrong search terms latley and coming up with no results?

Tried to submit the package that I thought might contain malware virus, spyware, trojan, but most probably a rootkit. OR I could be paranoide :THNK I will forward the returned email to the correct address

I received this note from the Postmaster.

Thanks for the correct address or addresses (not sure why I think there are two at Comodo?)


Your message was not delivered within 1 days and 0 hours.
Host is not responding.

The following recipients did not receive this message:

 <malwaresubmit (at)>

You can submit your malware to the following address:

malwaresubmit[ at ]

** Please put the file in a passworded ZIP File and email the malware including the password for the Zip File.