Malware scan

Hi all,

After i re-install my CFP, i’ve noted that i don’t have the option to make a malware scan in my defense+ tasks in CFP

how can i turn it on??

thanks all in advance

??? Donno, but perhaps you can better switch to CIS if you want antivirus also :slight_smile:


Expanding on XAN’s Post,

CIS can be found here; It is a BETA version

Hi MuadDib_II Welcome to the Forums.

You’re using a version that’s 13 versions old. Please download the latest version. (v3.0.25.378).

Then go to Defense+\Advanced\Common Tasks & Scan from there. :slight_smile: You can also try the beta as posted but be warned, It’s only a beta. :slight_smile:


ok, i see it now.

one last question: before change my version, i checked several times for updates and it aways says “there are no updates avaliable”, and i was 13 versions old.


The reason was there was a large change and update was not possible I think a patch was posted at that time, otherwise you had to uninstall and reinstall the later version at that time.
EDIT Took a while to find it there was a major change which egemen explained link below if you want to read it.;msg116503#msg116503