Malware Scan hangs [Closed]

Hi, i was wondering if there a solution to this problem. I can’t complete the scan, because the scanner seems to hang to some files. These are the 2 files i have seen so far:

Is there a workaround or something?

Thank you.

P.S. : Using

Are those two files in the screen shots the only files that causes hanging? What if you scan a third time?


Hello. I have tried many scans. These are the 2 files it always hangs (depending on which it will scan first, since i have 3 partitions and the scan starts randomly from one of them).

No matter how many times i retry the scan, it will hang.


OK. I haven’t encountered this problem. I suggest you post a bug report for it (please also include CFP version, OS and 32/64 bit system).



Grazie Leoni, i just did so.

Thanks a lot Fuzzfas. :-TU

Anyone who view this topic; here’s the bug report.

Topic closed. If anyone wish to open it again, just PM any online moderator.