Malware research new test

new test and Comodo went from 83% to a respectable 96,2%
Very well Comodo

:-TU Just Shows a gradual improvement, no doubt to the huge data base being a factor. However i reckon this will reach a ceiling detection rate wise not much greater than it is now, based on current heuristics and just increasing Dbase, and feel its going to take Cima to be integrated in order to increase detection to anywhere near Avira ect. Saying that, Comodo has Bo Clean, Buffer overflow,( which according to Melih, buffer overflow vulnerabilities, accounted for 60% of problems in 2008!), and last but not least Defense + 100% in lots of tests. So its not a lot to worry about if the detection rate is down on more established Avs, the main thing is its going in the right direction and what the Av misses one other layer of protection will get. I have said this before, those that get blinkered into looking just at detection rate will come a cropper and will become infected. Why?, because they have a traditional av without Defense+ or Similar, or simply dont have Buffer overflow protection, and have "guards which in tests provide 71% protection at best against zero day attacks, Avira springs to mind, ( Finding myself getting on my soapbox again!!).

Dave1234 “Comodo brings extreme Confidence in Protectings its user” Dave1234 21/04/2009.