Malware Questions

Hope this section is OK to post this question.

This is my second try with Comodo Firewall. 3.5 was really slowing things down, especially after putting SuperAntispyware and then MalwareBytes on. Both at separate times. I am not 100% sure it was Comodo, but I uninstalled anyway. But, also went back to a previous version of Itunes and Quicktime. All three were installed at about the same time. That is the latest Itunes and Quicktime updates.

3.8 looks to be doing fine so far after some tweaking, and I hope I can continue to use it. Things are running fast and smooth other than Task Mgr opening slowly. That is in another topic of mine.

Question is: With NOD32 and Comodo Firewall/Defense+ do i need another spyware program? I am a safe user, and I understand you can never have to much security. But, i don’t want to overdo it.

Does any one have my current setup and either SuperAntispyware or MalwareBytes running. And, if so, do you see any slow down.

Sorry for all the questions. I would like to run one of these programs if possible.

Thanks for any help,


  1. I wouldn’t think so but to be safe i would install superantispyware, but with NOD32 & CIS you should be ok.

  2. i don’t really see any slow down’s at all

  • Jacob

Thanks Jacob,

NOD and Comodo are running smooth right now. I did just do a defrag with auslogics and things slowed way down so I restored with Acronis and am now OK. Not sure why that happened. Will try SuperAntiSpyware again and see how it goes this time.


I have SAS and MBam both as on-demand. They both run fine here.

Now have Comodo Firewall, NOD32, and SAS installed. This time they seem to be doing fine.