Malware or Left-over Comodo

Not sure where to Post but my expertise is low, and I’m appreciative of any Help extended!!

I’m getting a random Comodo ISE Popup (see Imgur link below) after Uninstalling Free AV and later Dragon. Concerns Untrusted ESET Root Certif used between ieexplore.exe and Bing.

There are 3 instances of Comodo in my Registry in HKEY_Users after the Uninstall.
I had transferred a Paid ESET License to a new laptop, inst’d Comodo Free on Win 7-64 Desktop, returned the laptop, Uninstalled Comodo and moved ESET back to the Desktop. I failed to see Dragon, so ESET inst’d with Dragon still there. The popup alerted me to Uninstall Dragon.

Could there be something in the leftover Comodo Registry Folder causing this popup, OR (best guess) might it be Malware with Comodo not there?
An ESET Scan and Malwarebytes Prem aren’t screaming.
THANK YOU for any Help!!

Вefinition of Comodo Internet Security Essentials, Network Security, SSL Certificate you can uninstall it from control panel.

Really, Really appreciate that. Found and removed.
All is Well.