malware or flash ?

so i got problem with my dell laptop overheating (not to much but i got sometimes too heated)
but is usually get heated when i play city of wonder (flash game ) in chrome . but i think its due to malware or may be flash ??? .

what u think ?

If you’re worried that your computer could be infected you can follow my guide about How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected.

That said, could you please give more information about what is wrong with your computer? I do know that some laptops tend to overheat often. That’s just the way they were made. Are there other symptoms?

first i have to say wow members of these forms are really active :smiley:
and about overheating here that game which i think is cause may be
ohh and btw i got CIS and it remover around 12 malwares :smiley: love it cuz the so called bitdefinder is stupid memory eater did nothing about that >:(

ohh and btw thanks for that site it really help and its now in my bookmark :smiley: