malware or false positive?

i downloaded the nes emulator jnes from this site Jabosoft - Downloads and after installing it and opening it then defence+ said that jnes had possible malware behavior. i also checked it at virustotal and some of the anti-viruses detected possible malware in it.
so is jnes safe to use? should i block if defence+ says that something has malware behaviour? why doesnt defence+ tell me what kind of malware behaviour jnes and others has? that would be interesting to know.

Hello Maugrimx,

As it’s impossible to say if it’s infected or not from here, i guess this emulator has all kinds of instructions aboard that CIS considers suspicious. You could try to run it in a sandbox (sandboxie etc) and see what happens.

The site doesn’t seem to provide any Hash for the download (MD5/SHAx) to check the file you downloaded so you cannot be sure it isn’t a tampered version.

i tried jnes in sandboxie and played a game but nothing seemed to happen.

like the game did not work ? or like there was no sign of “bad” activity ?
To be sure you could leave it in sandboxie otherwise you could try it without, if this does other suspicious activities then Defense+ will alert you again for other “actions”…

the only thing i could see was jnes.exe in sanboxies window, i was running it sanboxed i think but i dont know how to use sandboxie. is this emulators and roms illegal to use? i am unsure about that.

I don’t know i guess the emulator is “free” if you use it to play homebrew roms there should be no problems, if you have roms from “original” games I’d say that’s illegal.

the games are original, maybe i should just delete them then if it is illegal.

i hope you have had a good christmas Ronny and thanks for the help :slight_smile:

No problem !