Malware Not Detected Directly

I have been using comodo free IS for sometime. There is a website called vx heavens where u get zipped malware. my problem is that whenever i download the zipped files<, it doesnt detect it or block it.It can only detect them when i run a scan .It doesnt detect some also. please help me. The URL is - URL Removed for Safety

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Please check your settings in the Anti virus Settings
CIS > Anti Virus > Scanner Settings
What is the sliding bar on?

Also, When you unzip the files does it detect it then? or when you even try to run them?


it is on stateful

I’m wondering why CIS doesn’t detect once you download the zip file (1 good reason could be because, Comodo doesnt want to spike up the Resource usage of scanning a zip’d file instead it waits for it to be extract/executed)

Once you extract the file CIS detects; or when try to execute it Detects the piece of malware

Did this help?


Aslo …it only detects some of them when i am opening the file.

eicar test virus is not zipped but cis still has this problem

i also get bug reports

Just to clarify you have CIS 5.0.1 Correct? and updated? ( CIS > More > About )

May i ask you to explain when you ‘get bug reports’?


i get the bug reports half an hour after i turn my pc on