Malware Not being detected By CIMA

I have 3/31 files, all are malware (trojans) and CIMA is not rating the 3 of them as Suspicious

And CAV’s is still not catching the 31 files i have submited both by CIMA and through CIS ??? I know that a backlog has happen, but it seams to be done with the backlog now; and the other 28 files are rated Suspicious But not catched.

If a admin or Moderator wants the files PM me.

You could PM them to me and I’ll post them on the Malware Research Group forum. Staff members usually check that regularly.

The reason why the 6 malware(s?) didn’t get scanned by CIMA is because they were not .exe files.

CIMA doesn’t detect file trojan bank sent by phishing e-mails