Malware: No more choices?

I am trying to install a program, which I feel has no malware beyond maybe ad. Malware was reported by CIS.

It used to be that I could then choose to ignore, report etc. Now I get the choice of Geekbuddy, or deal with it myself. BOTH choices immediately quarantine the file, with the result that the programme cannot run.

What happened to the choice to take the risk? I have used i8t many, many times with stuff I felt I could trust, and never had a problem.

Thanks for any help

Do you have the option: Do not show antivirus alerts enabled?

On antivirus tab, go to scanner settings (real time scanning) and uncheck “do not show antivirus alerts”, that should solve your problem.

You can discard the Geekbuddy screen and don’t forget to tick the box in the lower left corner not to show this screen again.

Thanks for the replies guys.

That’s weird! Disabling alerts did not stop the geekbuddy from popping up (I have disabled that), but it gave me back the choices. Strange way to make things IMO.

Anyway as I said. Thanks for the help.