Malware is able to screw up "My computer"

malware is able to ■■■■■ up “My computer” in the way it is portrayed in the attached picture.

It seems there is missing some registry protection?
With Disk Heal ( ) everything can be repaired, so Comodo should look there which keys are modified by Disk Heal and should add them to “My protected registry keys”.

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Hello can you please post your system specs and security applications,
Aswell as please post a step by step way to reproduce this.

As for the malware sample, Please wait for a comodo staff member\moderator etc to request this so they can try to reproduce this.

If you still have the malware sample, please upload in on a file hosting service (such as Rapidshare) and PM the link, so that I can tell what it modifies.
I tried to check what it modifies by using Disk Heal, but it seems like I’ll have to ‘corrupt’ my disk before I can fix it.
Also, what mode do you have Defense+ in?

WXP SP3, AntiVir.

Start malware → “My computer” gets ■■■■■■■ up (sorry, I don’t know which malware sample it is exactly, I just started more than one at once but maybe I can find it out.

Safe mode, does also happen in paranoid mode.
Using proactive security as default config so all registry keys that Comodo has in database should be monitored.

Hey Evil, Please upload the nasty file and send the link to ragwing.
Much appreciated :slight_smile:

It,s an aurtorun malware. The file is cleaned but autorun.inf file is left behind. LOcate it and delete form the D partition. It might be hidden.

The prevent it via Defence Plus. Create a rule to prompt you on creation of autorun.inf files.

Defence Plus> Common Tasks> My Protected Files > autorun.inf … and apply the settings.

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I am very skeptical that Comodo can recognize “?” or “" symbols as “any” for drive letters (in front of ":"), I would rather use “\Device*\autorun.inf” or just "\autorun.inf”

Hmmm… but it is recognizing here.

Maybe there is some bug within comodo, Since exclusion lists and also protected files dont work properly with