Malware infection

For a browser that claims to “keep you safe and secure,” it was disappointing to see the Comodo Dragon user folders infected with malware. Alas, Google Chrome was not any better. Please see attachment.

These are from Startpage extension, a popular and generally trusted extension. Have you verified them with VirusTotal to make sure they are not FP from Avast?

Hi, cloudsandskye!

Thank for your feedback! This extension does not come preinstalled with Comodo Dragon and it’s from Chrome WebStore and if the WebStore accepted it we are not allowed to block it.

Thank you very much,

The Comodo Browsers team

Avast described them as trojans, and I took its word for it, so I never checked if they were false positives. I never installed Startpage extension, so these files were on my computer without my permission. Given the responses to my post, these files sound like they could be clever malware: infect with something that looks legitimate and will not be questioned by the browser. To the Comodo team, is there some way to have the browser cross check to make sure that a file that looks like its from the Chrome WebStore is actually installed as an extension on the browser?

No sorry that would be impossible if they want to continue using a derivative of Chrome I would think it is one of many conditions that they have to agree to, which allows them to create CD.

They had a problem with another product which blocked a part of the Store where it was download from, it was removed immediately from that Store.

All to do with Terms and Conditions as any Android user knows.