Malware getting by Need some ideas.

I think I need a recommendation. I have the free version of Comodo Internet Security with it’s default settings. Maybe like once a month or 40 days my system appears to slow down. What I mean is there is a lag when I click on an icon to start a program or browsing. I use Malwarebytes and Escan MWAV to clean my system up. Usually MWAV finds some malware and it cleans it up. Then my system is fine till it happens again. So something is getting past Comodo. Is there some utility to see what is happening why Comodo may not be seeing something? I not sure but once in a while I use the chat software called IMVU and Comodo trusts that application but I wonder when I am on there can someone seed malware to my system?
The only other software I would be using is Tversity and PlayON. Any ideas?

I would start by making sure your ‘configuration’ is set to ‘Proactive’

Right click the Comodo icon in the system tray and hover your cursor over 'configuration and then select Proactive.

Then go to…
Firewall → Stealth Ports Wizard->Block all incoming connections and make my port stealth to everyone.

After that go to…
and follow the instructions.

Can you please download Comodo Cleaning Essentials. Then restart your computer. Don’t open any programs except for CCE. Then wait for the database to finish downloading. Now open KillSwitch.

Under “View” tick the option to “Hide Safe Objects”. After all processes have been analyzed right click on any that are unknown and select properties. In the window that pops up select the tab for verdict. This should give you an idea if it is malicious or not.

I warn you not to remove anything with this program unless you are very confident you know what you are doing. It can be very dangerous and could even destroy your computer if you delete the wrong thing.

You should now be able to tell very easily if you are infected. If you have any more questions please ask.

I used CCE as you recommended and it did not find any threats.
Out of curiosity I did a full scan and it did find 27 threats. Some where in the system volume and others in a bluetooth driver program and some video encoder program I have. I don’t think those programs have infection probably a false positive. By mistake I clicked Clean but I right away aborted the program by terminating it in task manager.
Please advise further.

try Hitman pro, Kaskpersky recuse cd is other good choose

Valentin N

Yes they are probably false positives. Right now I wouldn’t recommend using CCE on your computer. Wait until the bugs are worked out.

MWAV finds some malware and it cleans it up. Then my system is fine till it happens again.
I would recommend you need a boot disc because actual viruses and such can't defend themselves and then reappear when windows isn't even up. <---Download it from another computer thats clean
I wonder when I am on there can someone seed malware to my system?
If your computer is backdoored then yes
why Comodo may not be seeing something?
There's quite a bit of variables like for example was comodo installed when you were infected or or clean at the time.

You can check out the event logs in the firewall and defence + From currently to all the way back to installation. ← Hopefully it can give you some clues when and how you got affected, but if you were already infected before comodo was installed, then the logs won’t help you at all.
Just click on comodo icon, Click on “firewall” icon, click on “view firewall events” (same instruction, but click on “defence +” icon)