Malware Domains List?

Will it add to my security if I block malware domains? All my web browsers are blocked from running executables and from accessing system-areas, so I don’t think visiting malicious websites would be a problem. But, apart from just blocking bad websites, will maintaining such a list do anything?

Yep. The problem with this sort of list is how quickly the sites go up and down. For such a list to be effective, it would need minute by minute maintenance.

I’m always entertained by those that load huge numbers of URL’s to their HOSTS file. Then of course they need to turn off the DNS Client service because the large HOSTS file slows down their system. Then the fact that each time something requests a DNS lookup, it takes time to actually make the request instead of using the cache. Plus, the HOSTS file isn’t indexed, so each URL must be compared line-by-line to the URL’s in the file, again reducing performance.

So, they end up with a bloated HOSTS file that most likely has a great deal of defunct URL’s in it and lowered their overall browsing speed in the process. Well done!

I was thinking so. Most of the links I tried were dead, so I knew it was pointless to maintain a huge list of these links which don’t work.

My only concern is that I might come across some malicious website which has a zero-day malware which could bypass Defense+?

You can try blocking with Peerblock with a proper list.