malware domain list.

just a query really.
why on earth does WOT give malware domains list website a blazing and shiny green safe to go symbol?
am i the only one that finds this a bit strange?
there surely is not a more dangerous website on the internet.

kind regards. :ilovecomodo:

Hi DARREN.1972,

Can you please be more specific about your query?
What is “malware domains list website”, you’ve mentioned?

Then, keep in mind that WOT is a just a community based ratings & no more than that
You should never totally rely on “community” :wink: .

At the same time, WOT is one of the best in this “area of expertise”
compare to … say, Comodo’s Threadcast , which is by my opinion is just a waste of time and resources & therefore it’s always disabled here.

My regards

Because there are no hyper-links to malware on the list…

The site itself isn’t dangerous. In order to get yourself into trouble from that site, it’ll take you some manual effort. You can’t just click a link and find yourself on the receiving end of some nasty malware.

Check it out yourself on, and you’ll see that all those scanners also give it a clean rating

Edit: Sorry, typo… :-[

In addition to what I wrote above it would be appreciated if you , guys enlighten us about the “list” you are talking about


[at]SiberLynx: LMGTFY - Let Me Google That For You :slight_smile:
it’s a website that referenced new malwares. languy99 and other testers on youtube use it a lot to get new threats.

It is safe because the main page says in red “if you don’t know what you’re doing, go away, you may get infected”.
They say the link they post are known malwares.

Thanks Syl,

I know about that one,
but I was thinking that DARREN.1972 was referring to “something else”, because the one you mentioned should not be “flagged” neither by WOT nor by any other service whether that is community or real-time code scanning of that site


That’s what he asked, MDL isn’t flagged as dangerous and he wondered why.

thanks for the replies.
i sometimes think about going visiting there just to have a look.
live life on the edge sometimes .
but nevertheless it still gives you the opportunity to manually execute these links which could be disaster for somebody not too familiar with this site.
you can just imagine the scenario.
teenage son finds this site and accidentally installs some nasty malware on fathers computer.
mmm thing is the opportunity is very real.

kind regards.

If you think your little kid will go to this website and install some malware, you should definitely think about installing a parental control software…
Or you can try to explain to him why he shouldn’t install anything from the net and be aware of malware and what bad stuff it could cause.

well im only speaking hypothetically.i dont have children myself but as i said someone could enter this site totally oblivious to its content and accidentally run some links.
i know this may seem unlikely but not toally impossible.

He should get a darwin award for that then.
There’s a big warning when you enter the website.
If you’re dumb enough to not read it and execute those links, that’s your bad luck.

well im not albert einstein and im certainly not that stupid to execute the links.
unfortunately there are morons in the world who will go in and execute these links.
(excusing security people naturally lol,)

If you think your little kid will go to this website and install some malware, you should definitely think about installing a parental control software...
+1 also giving your kids "administer rights" to download and install the malware on your computer should be another issue too!

But it is totally impossible…

This is the point I was trying to make in my first post…

The site is not dangerous because there are no links that can be accidentally clicked… In order to get infected by malware from this site, you’d need to do some copy and pasting to actually get to the domains listed. It’s a process that takes multiple steps to accomplish, not something you could do by accident. Wow, it’s almost like they made it that way on purpose! :wink: 88)

It’s a bit like saying, don’t go to the airport, you might accidentally get on a plane. :cry:

hi heffeD,
thanks for the reply and of course your absolutely comes the big BUT !!
fact is the domains are ACCESSIBLE!! you can get to them.
surely the average home user should not be able to access them.That is my point!!
whether intentional or not somebody can go there and infect the computer at will.
it doesnt matter if you can copy and paste to infect.Point is it can be done.
i still think the WOT rating should be red just to warn the average non security enthusiast user that the site is dangerous.only security professionals and testers and reviewers will enter it.
there is no prior warning to entering the just gives green.
Anyhow im just giving an alternative view.

kind regards. (V)

Let’s see…if someone sets out to infect a computer, he’ll just ignore the WOT warnings. Just like he ignored the warnings on the MDL website.

WOT does NOT block access to sites (by default).

Jumping off a cliff can be done, despite warning signs. So can infecting your computer via MDL.

“i still think the WOT rating should be red just to warn the average non security enthusiast user that the site is dangerous.”

The only part that possibly should be red is the “Child Safety” rating. The site is should be rated safe in all the other sections, as it is right now.

But if this hypothetical user doesn’t care about the warnings on the site, and purposely copies/pastes the URLs, it would teach him a good lesson to have his computer infected. You learn best by mistakes, usually.

May be report this in the WOT community? :smiley: