Malware database BOC425.xvu mssing[Resolved]

I have just installed BOC425.001. Works fine for limited user, but for administrator I get a message that the file BOC425.XVU is missing, I should start the updater again. I did and after downloading the update I get the message that there is a compatibility or permission problem the file cannot be filed.

However under All Users/application data the latest version of BOC425.XVU is available.
Can somebody help?

Hi Clawinus,
Did you follow the install instructions from the FAQ?
This is particularly important if you’re running Vista.

I am running XP on an HP machine with OEM OS modified by HP. It has two Admin users, HP-Admin and Admin. For both I set the security permissions for the folder BOC425 to total control (allowing Modify or Write only was not possible) and then restarted the system. BOClean now works for all users.
Thanks for the help.
Clawinus :BNC

We’re always glad to be of service.
I mark this resolved and lock it up.