Malware causing "fever"?

Is it possible that malware could access the very deepest level in the system, so it leaves the software stage and affects hardware? For example, malware that fools the fan so the CPU no longer gets cooled? The computer would get fever. :wink:

Seriously, I’m not joking. Could malware actually do this?

Also, speaking of the deep level, could malware modify the bios so the system crashes and not even reinstalling Windows would be possible?



Yes it’s possible for malware to change some of your hardware configuration. There’s already some programs that’s able to modify your CPU speed(overclocking), if you overclock it too much you won’t get anything on your monitor. You can change settings on the graphic card, this will also cause a blank screen if it break down completely.

I know this from own experience messing with the BIOS and using ATITool ;D

Also, it could possible uninstall your keyboard and mouse, making you unable to do anything.
But about the CPU fan, some can be controlled from OS, some can’t. You could lower RTM’s to lowest possible or something, which could cause a overheating.
You can also make the CPU use less of its power, and get a 2.0Ghz CPU down to 15Mhz or something…

I’m not quite sure, but I think that’s possible.
You can kinda mess up the whole computer and possible destroy some stuff by changing FSB, voltage and stuff.
Luckily you can reset the BIOS to factory settings by removing it from the computer and put it back after about 5 minutes, tho the averege computer user doesn’t know how to do it and send it on repair.

Hope you got some of your questions answered!


Yes, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:



I think that at present the malware have reached some high levels of penetration, above all in espionage war between nations.
It’s disconcerting!

You can read here:
Chinese Hackers Hit Commerce Department
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Thank you for your post.

Concerning threats, I must say.



Concerning threats, I must say.


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