Malware blocking in CPF3

I hear that CPF3 has a antimalware component which blocks viruses and other pests. Then should I use another antivirus alongside.

If it doesn’t block viruses, then what actually does ‘antimalware’ component block. What virus definitions does it use to detect malware while scanning.

I don’t like installing an antivirus to hog up my resources. I am better with the firewall popups. Please help me.

I think your misunderstanding the purpose of a firewall and HIPS. Todays anti viruses don’t use hardly any recourses. I use Avira Premium 8 and its uses around 17K at the most. Comodo comes in handy cause suppose you download and execute and virus that your av missed. When that virus tried to run Comodo with its D+ would give you a pop up alert about nastybug.exe trying to modify this or do that. If you did not know what this program was or never heard of it you could have Comodo block it. Then try scanning it with your av. Comodo has the ability to stop any unknown program in its tracks. But you still need to have an anti virus to get rid of nastybug.exe’s. Comodo may stop a virus but it cannot cure it.

I think vip is talking about the Defense+ → Scan My System thing, which is an on demand malware scanner and will not cause any conflict with any other resident AV.

edit://Speaking of Scan My System, I had 6 false positives when first used it and submitted for analysis all 6 of them. Today I scanned again, nothing found!

Good job Comodo!

No thats not what he meant cause he said block not find. The scanner in D+ is still new and should not be trusted over a well known scanner.

It’s quite good though and it’s super fast (< 10 min), I really like it!

But still like u said, a proper AV is needed :slight_smile: