Malware Alarm Program, Need help

Hi Justin,
I have Malware alarm program on my computer which i cant get rid of and it say that i have 38 threats. I try to uninstall it each day but it still comes back.

I on windows xp pro service pack 2
I have comodo firewal pro
Computer runs slow sometimes, especially trying to go online.
I tried firefox browser and seams to be whilst i was using that the problem started.
I’ve got comodo antivirus but no spyware program
Logfile is listed below and hope you can help.

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Gotta get rid of the nasty malware alarm stuff.

Try this link:

Or better still try superantispyware:

Not sure but I think Spybot will also remove MalwareAlarm;


download spybot search & destroy
make sure to update once you get it though

Do you have any of this pictures ?

Thanks for the enthusiasm, but it appears wacki has not logged in to the forum since earlier than mid-last year (:TNG)

Well yeah,

to lazy to check that . well he’s probably still trying to get rit of the mitfraud . shame

It’d really be a shame to take 10 months to remove a spyware.

Agreed. Also, this should be closed, as it been 10 months since he wrote this. I’m surprised it’s still open :o