Mallware stopped

So antivirus found some mallware, which it isnt and asked me if I want geekbuddy to remove it or do it myself, which I DON’T … By mistake I clicked geekbuddy. Now file is blocked, doing anything wit it reports malware is stopped, quarantine is empty.
Under antivirus events there is an entry: malware blah blah blah … action - detect, status - success. Success is good, more success.
Help please.

Can you post a screenshot? Also the location of where the malware was detected would be helpful. If it said Detected - Success, than the file was detected but if it said Quarantined - Success than the file was also quarantined after being detected. If you didn’t see Quarantined in the logs than the file wasn’t quarantined. If you believe the file was a false detection, than report it here:

I was copying some files from local server storage dir to temporary dir on pc. There is only a popup that malware xyz is stopped. A screenshot of what should I post?

I am OK with CIS detecting and warning, not so OK with blocking without my explicit consent and sort of furious that there is no way to make CIS stop blocking it. Or is there?

By default Comodo quarantines threats, you can disable this so that an alert prompting for an action is shown.

You can set Comodo to alert you on what to do if a threat has been detected, also you should upload the fp to Comodo so that they can remove it from there virus databse

You can submitt the files to Comodo here: Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis

If it is larger than 10 mb you should send it to virustotal here:

And then post a new topic here: Comodo Forum

with the title “False Positive” and a virustotal link.

Unchecking “Do not show AV alerts” has no effect. Same popup - malware stopped. After a couple of restarts file shows in quarantine but I can not apply any action - file is not found (???). Well it is found allright when I try to copy it.

Can you post a screenshot of what is happening? If Comodo is quarantining after you unchecked the option to auto quarantine than that is not the intended behavior.