malicious website got past comodo today - (possible prevention method enclosed?)

If they where deleted you can probably ‘undelete’ them using e.g. Download Recuva | Recover deleted files, free!

Just make sure to have as little as possible ‘write’ actions to the disk that contains the ‘to recover’ data, so don’t install this tool to your C:\ drive if your pictures where there.
Download the portable version to D: or a USB drive and start from there. The more you write to your undelete drive the higher the risk you overwrite important sectors on the disk.

I was using IE8 - no addons
@languy99 I was using internet security mode D+ as safe mode all settings as standard apart from sandbox level was raised to limited. From what I have read on bleeping coms it seems like it was a fake Av that was trying to run as the symptoms (i.e. missing folders) match with what I experienced but Comodo did stop any fake AV screens from opening.

Can you check the trusted files & see if anything related or any part of that malware is treated safe & is there in the trusted files?

If the half of the pictures is in the target format.

Before you pay a sky castle price for a computer because you assume you wouldnt have problems anymore, search for informations about mac malware.

Not to mention the non-DIY repair cost when something goes wrong.
(I do like Macs but it’s not all fun.)

Instead of repairing a mac, i could use the second or third computer which could have been bought for the same amount of initial money :smiley:

were you using proactive configuration