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Could there be a way to report malicious links, such as phishing, through the forum, a list only to report malicious url as with files. The reports could be made ​​through the services Total Virus and Comodo Web Inspector. What do you think?

Imho great :-La :-TU!!
Subject?: Send malicious links here to be blacklisted [No live malware!!]

Respond please! :slight_smile:

exactly as you put it! (:CLP)

I personally like the idea :-TU
Let’s see what can be done.

In the meantime…
Comodo malicious urls database is fed by Website Malware Scanner | Online Website Virus and Malware Scanner
You can scan the undetected website and if positively passed human analysis it will be added to the database. (however, it can take some time and of course it has to be detected by WI).

Lack this option here in the forum. Not a bad idea to create an exclusive area for this type of report.
Besides making it easier to create vaccines against such malicious site.

I really liked the idea too, think it would be a great way to improve Comodo protection web! Please accept the idea. Thank you. :-TU

Felipe Oliveira, liosant, morphiusz, zbc
Thank you! Glad to know that you also likes the idea.

Hi Guys

For now you may post your feedbacks on WI pointing your email. WI analysts will review these feedbacks with a high priority.

In the future, we possibly provide WI authorised feedbacks with some trust level.

This means that you can report malicious URL’s via email to comodo?

Report undetected threats trough Web Inspector :

  1. Type your URL here: ;
  2. Start the scan & Wait for report ;
  3. Click on “Report as Malicious” ;
  4. Select “Message type” ;
  5. Enter your contact email ;
  6. Click on “Submit”.

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Exactly :-TU
Thanks qmarius, very helpful. I’d recommend to include a comment “CIS webfilter database submission”.

I think it’s a good idea :-La :-TU

Thanks qmarius! :slight_smile:

I already do this, but I think it important to have other ways of sending malicious links to comodo. As with malicious files.